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What is Add Foundation?

About Us

"ADD WILL" is one of the pioneer technology that was founded in 2016 which are based on Financial Technology (FINTECH) and Block Chain (BLOCK CHAIN).

The team is committed in creating a combination of block chain + smart contracts + financial services in a mission of creating the world's first "encrypted digital will" in order to innovate people's understanding of asset digitilization.

Pack with the encrypted block chain assets, decentralizing management and intelligent smart contract, both party will easily reaches a transaction agreement with characteristics of the enhance future digital tokens towards an unlimited value of usability.

"Encrypted Digital Wills" will be the latest service platform for the development and integration of large data technology, which will be used to solve the unfair agreement rooting to challenges of family disputes, capital monopoly and relationship rupture. It is also to set back the traditional contract transactions and to grasp the assets and services system.

Block Chain Application Management Collectively integrates excellent intelligence for our technical team in order to actively expand the importance of our infrastructure and service systems. This ensure the collaboration of handling and solving the future complex issues.

Acquisition of investment bank in a Free Trade Zone International Business District (Off Shore) in the addition to the new special "digital asset custody" improving the service of electronic wallet, trade and exchange services with close monitoring.

Road Map

    December 2016
    "Secure Will Writing" has become an important facts daily life. This is to avoid family dispute and confrontation. "Encrypted Secure Will" idea was born!
    May 2017
    "Ethereum Block Chain" technology with "Smart Contract" digitalizing fair, secure & transparent transaction of finance and assets.
    June 2017
    Converting into a "Smart Contract" in order to secure both parties interests fairly.
    August 2017
    Realization of testator's will in freedom of cross boundaries, professionally, secure and at own's preference time.
    October 2017
    Commitment usage of ICO fund for the implementation of the project and also for research & development of the future inheritance digitalization technology.
  • Successfully Listed
    March 2018
    Successfully Listed on Coinbene, followed by Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex.
  • Development of Blockchain projects
    June 2018
    Development of Blockchain projects, Merchandise, Ministry of Defense Projects, Smart Contract Expansion,Health Products anti-fake labeling
  • ADD WILL Launching.
    Sept 2018
    ADD WILL Launching.
  • Enhance ADD WALLET
    Dec 2018
    Enhance ADD WALLET DAPP usage with merchants
  • Charity & Education
    March 2019
    Focusing on Charity and Education Activities

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Meet Our Team

This team make sure that it happen!

Our core

Leading Cryptocurrency And Digital Assets in Encryted Digital Will

ADD Token's goal is to provide a complete vertically integrated service that encompasses the best ideas from the entire community of the world's best blockchain and Fintech enthusiasts.

Mobile Digital Wallet

Instant cryptocurrency payments without limits
Loyalty programs and cashback (Coming Soon)
Contactless payments via 3 Way Handshake, NFC, QR, etc.

Cryptocurrency Acquiring

Solutions for every sphere of retail trade and services
Native integrations with POS software
Crypto-to-fiat settlements

Open API Platform

DApp for retail cryptocurrency software and solutions
Own decentralized server infrastructure
Third-party integrations – Easy!

Blockchain Based

Instant transfer anywhere in the world
Combination of current scoring systems and smart contracts
Unified exchange for liquidity and lowering risks

ADD is a contactless cryptocurrency for everyone

Everything you need in your smartphone: payments, transfers, currency exchange, trading platform. Our goal - Secure And Safest Cryptocurrency with abilility to testor your will.

No more wait times for your card to be issued.

You will get your physical card just after registration and application approved.

No limits on transaction volume.

Seriously, no limits in crypto or fiat.

No need for currency exchanges.

Instant payments in fiat money or cryptocurrencies internationally.

Integration with third-party payment wallets or services

(Mastercard or Visa)

Loyalty programs and cashback (Coming Soon)

for every transaction, increased cashback for token holders.

Contactless payments options

– ADD Wallet DApp with QR code mechanics, In-App Personal Encrypted Chat and many others.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is ADD TOKEN?

ADD Token is an offered crypto currency that was produced by ADD Foundation.

How ADD TOKEN works?

Basically, ADD TOKEN was created as a payment gateway. Currently you are able to use it to pay for your ADD Yacht Club and Golf Club activities.In the near future we will be adding more merchants.

Why is ADD TOKEN different from other similar platforms?

We are the World’s First Digital WILL Service and Digital Assets Management service provider.

Where can I geta ADD EXPRESS debit card?

Only for our exclusive ADD CLUB Members (Yacht and Golf Club), you need to submit your details for us to approve your application.

When do you expect to have the mobile app ready?

It has already launched. Your can download Android/IOS version from the App stores

What is the amount of tokens being released in total?

We will release 500 000 000 tokens (This volume is capped)

What cryptocurrencies cani use to buy ADD TOKEN?

Accepted cryptocurrencies are: Ethereum

What are the premium ADD WalletDapp features?


Will ADD TOKEN only be available in South East Asiaor will it be global?

We will start in South East Asia but our goal is to be global.

Will my ADD TOKEN be safe in ADD WalletDapp?

Yes, because the wallet is developed under BlockChain Technology. (Gentle Reminder, please do not expose or save your password on any gadgets.)

Will ADD TOKEN be traded at exchanges?

Yes, we are already on COINBENE, followed by more Exchange platforms in the near future.

Will I get updates by email?

Yes, all the latest information will be sent to you by official email.

Do you have referral system?

No, we don’t have.

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